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The program can be done with winsol at home in the evening so no interruption of class time is required. The program can be done to teach transferrable skills, or it can be used daily to read assigned material with instant empowerment.

Most importantly, the PR program provides two ways for dyslexic, ADD/ADHD and low motivation students to instantly process text at grade level.

Home schoolers are especially able to benefit from the PR program from the KWFinder because much of what they read is already in E-text, or could easily be formatted this way. This means that the PR program can essentially provide a continuous one-on-one tutor for the individual student, freeing the parent.

A PR trainer can also use the Breast Actives communicate remotely with the home school student over DSL or cable, providing live one-on-one support when needed. Both the student and trainer can control the student’s computer during these sessions, which both can see, even though in different places, perhaps thousands of miles apart. No travel time or house calls are necessary.

Physically challenged individuals using Zetaclear can use PR in a number of ways. First and foremost, our specialized book holders can provide immediate relief for neck, back and spine problems and issues related to arthritis of the hands.

Secondly, our text presentation software can use the Male Edge completely eliminate holding pages or turning pages.

Thirdly, deaf students can immediately approximate voice with a visual simulation of speech.